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Hunter's Fund


This Spring, we received  a grant, from the Bakersfield Californian Foundation, which  provided us funding  to assist pet owners facing emergency vet care for their animals but due  to hardship do not have the financial resources  to provide  the medical attention needed. 


Each year we have  many requests  from the  public  to assist with medical care  when they are unable to provide  due  to economic times. We reach  deep  into our pockets to help in these situations and we contribute as our  funds  allow. Thanks  to  the Foundation Grant  we now  have  a set  reserve  to help assist  people  who  need help. We  are also grateful to announce  that through  the generosity of those  who  support our  cause  we will  be able  to build on this  fund  and continue  this   service as an integral part of  our  charity.


In honour  of all  dogs in need,  we have named this program HUNTER'S FUND.   Hunter was  the  dedicated hunting  dog  and family member of one of  our  founding members.  This  Spring,  shortly after  we were  awarded  this grant, Hunter met her untimely death.  Those of us  who knew Hunter  will remember her always as her part in our  rescue.  She allowed  her  human parents  to open their  door and share  her home with fellow  canines that were less fortunate;  those that had  been  cast aside and found on the streets  or in the shelters.  It  was Hunter's  loving  way  and confident demeanor which  showed these wayward strays the  way a good  dog  acts.

We believe  good  comes from good .

Just  as  Hunter showed the way to so any dogs  who  were less fortunate, so she leads  us  to share and give in her memory.


If  you wish  to contribute  to HUNTER's  FUND and keep passing the light please make  a  donation  to H.A.L.T. Rescue  and indicate HF.  Your  donation will be used  only  to assist dogs  in emergency veterinarian need. 

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