We at HALT love the feeling we get when we place one of our special rescue dogs in their forever home. It is great to know that these dogs are finally getting all the love they deserve. It is even better when we get to hear about how life is going for these pups in their new homes. We love getting pictures and hearing great stories about your new family member. Check out some of "Happy Tails" and remember, if you adopt a HALT dog, we are always happy to hear how everything is going, so don't be shy!




Flower was one of four pups that was rescued from under an abandoned house near Kern Medical Center. She is now in a very happy home with the Darney family in Auburn CA. She is a complete family member enjoying her canine pal Cheyenne, the grandkids and endless runs in the hilly countryside.


After months of trying to get Blackie back home to Texas, we have finally raised the funds, and obtained the transportation to get Blackie back home to his family. Thank you to all those who contributed to make this possible including; Kern County Animal Control, Nicholas Cullen, Cheri Carlton, and Bonny Schumaker of On Wings of Care.


Gypsi (formally Gidget) was adopted by a truck driver and his family. One night they were at a truck stop in Las Vegas when Gypsi woke him up by pawing him and barking. The A/C had broken while they were sleeping and the cab was 125 degrees. Gypsi’s family says she is their little hero!


This little guy was abandoned at a local pet store and had no where to go. Luckily he went home with a Foster. He wiggled his way into their hearts and found his forever home.


3 mo old pitbull, Mindy Loo, was the product of unimaginable breeding- left behind with no food/ water in a house known for breeding & fighting.  The property was vacant but there sat Mindy Loo behind a closed bedroom door.  Her legs were twisted and she was freezing.  Deputies took her to the shelter but were told she would be euthanized due to her deformities. Thankfully, she is under vet care and receiving a nutritional diet in hopes that some of her bone damage can be reversed. 


During Rio's time at HALT, he was named Hitch. Rio has found his forever home though, and his new mom loves to tell stories, take pictures, and share this awesome dog with the world. Check out Rio's very own blog at www.mydogrio.info

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